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The Plumbing System in Your Home

• Understand how water runs through your house
• Get information about your water meter
• Figure out your drain-waste-vent lines
• Understand the importance of shutoff valves throughout your house
San Antonio Plumbing Repairs

Before you begin fixing leaky faucets or unclogging drains, you need to know how water gets from one place to another in your house. This is the basic plumbing system of a home, introducing you to the water meter and the gate valve. You also get a grip on the drain-waste-vent (DWV) lines so you can toss that acronym around amongst your buddies and feel like a real pro. Find the location of the main shutoff valve and the many other valves that are a part of your home’s plumbing system. These valves allow you to turn off the water supply to the particular fixture or appliance you’re working on or having problems with. So if you want to replace a sink in the bathroom, for example, you don’t have to shut off the water supply to your entire house while you do the repair. And your family will thank you for that. Almost all houses have a shutoff valve wherever the main water supply comes into the house, with individual shutoff valves at toilets, sinks, bath-tubs and showers, and appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. If your house has outdoor spigots, you may need to locate the valves for those as well. Fear not — find all the information you need to locate the valves in your house before you make large or small repairs. You can easily understand the plumbing system of your house if you keep a few basic facts straight:

• The skinny pipes bring the water in, and the fat pipes carry it out.
• Leaks in the skinny pipes, or in anything attached to a skinny pipe, can flood a house.
• Leaks in the fat pipes cause your house to stink.

Okay, plumbing is a little more involved than that, but if you think of your house as having two different water systems — one that brings fresh water in the house and another that takes waste water out to a sewer or septic system — the maze of pipes throughout your house may start to make some sense. Plumbing really isn’t complicated, and modern plumbing materials like plastic pipes and fittings (such as elbows and unions) allow you to successfully tackle home plumbing projects that only a decade ago would have been considered too difficult. Recognizing the growth of the do-it-yourself market, manufacturers of plumbing tools, fixtures, and materials are constantly improving the packaging and instructions for them. Most building departments now allow homeowners to do plumbing work on their own houses. Of course, regardless of who does the work, it still must meet the local building codes. So we provide important information about how to make sure that the work of you or a plumber you’ve hired will pass the code.

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