How Hard Water Affects Your Hair

Many people do not realize that they live in areas where the water supply to their homes is classified as being hard – until they struggle to manage or even style their hair properly. Hard water has the ability to affect a person’s hair in many different ways – all of which are not good at all.water filters - water softeners

Making Hair Completely Unmanageable

One of the first clues that your hair has been affected by being washed in hard water will be the fact that it becomes completely unmanageable. It will usually be dry, brittle and even feel somewhat ‘crunchy’ in more extreme cases. This occurs as a result of being exposed to the high concentrations of iron, calcium, and magnesium that are present in a hard water supply. Hair that has been constantly exposed to hard water will not only have absolutely anybody; it will also be dull and extremely lifeless – until it is properly treated to remove the mineral buildup that is present in it.

Hair Discoloration

If you have hair that is blond or light brown, you may also find that it is becoming discolored for no apparent reason. However, this will be as a direct result of the mineral buildup in it. Hair that is exposed to hard water when it is washed will often turn a green, brassy, or even orange color – which can be difficult to remove unless soft water is used instead. Another way to determine whether your hair is being affected by hard water is when perm and other treatment products do not seem to take in a person’s hair for no apparent reason. More on this website

Although it is possible to have clarifying treatments performed in order to remove hard water deposits from the hair, the problem will persist until soft water is used to wash it instead. One of the best ways to ensure that hair is made soft, manageable, and attractive again is to have a water softener system installed in the home. If a full house system is too expensive, a water softening shower head can be installed instead, which will be a lot cheaper overall.

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